Quick Answer: What Kind Of Plant Will A Seed Grow Into?

How a seed grow into a plant?

When seeds are planted, they first grow roots.

Once these roots take hold, a small plant will begin to emerge and eventually break through the soil.

When this happens, we say that the seed has sprouted.

The scientific name for this process is germination.

Do all seeds grow into plants?

Plant reproduction without seeds. Not every plant grows from a seed. Some plants, like ferns and mosses, grow from spores. Other plants use asexual vegetative reproduction and grow new plants from rhizomes or tubers.

What is it called when a plant grows?

When a seed grows, a small root begins to grow downward and a shoot grows upward. When the shoot hits the surface, the plant is called a sprout. The sprout uses water and nutrients from the soil along with sunlight and air to grow and change into a seedling. Seedling: A seedling is a small plant with few leaves.

What grows first from a seed?

In botany, the radicle is the first part of a seedling (a growing plant embryo) to emerge from the seed during the process of germination. The radicle is the embryonic root of the plant, and grows downward in the soil (the shoot emerges from the plumule).