Question: How Do I Get My Garden Ready For Spring?

10 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for the Spring Season

  • Pull those weeds.
  • Prune the summer-blooming flowering shrubs.
  • Fertilize the beds.
  • Inspect trees and shrubs for winter damage.
  • Rake off or trim any winter-killed, brown leaves from last year’s perennial flowers.
  • Divide perennials.
  • Rake matted or excessive leaves off the lawn and out of groundcover beds.

How do I get my garden bed ready for spring?

Spring Garden Preparation Checklist.

  1. As important as the right plants are, they can’t do ALL the work for you.
  2. Get your shed in order.
  3. Clear out weeds, mulch, and debris.
  4. Prune.
  5. Prepare the soil.
  6. Set up new planters and garden beds.
  7. Divide perennials like Daylilies.
  8. Early Planting.

How do I fertilize my garden in the spring?

Broadcast Fertilizing: When you’re preparing the bed for spring planting, apply a complete fertilizer — such as 10-10-10 — evenly to the entire garden according to the soil test recommendations. Do not overfertilize. A hand spreader helps keep the job neat as it distributes the granules.

How do you prepare a flower garden?

Make a new bed by digging:

  • Remove grass or other existing vegetation with a flat spade or kill with a glyphosate herbicide such as Roundup.
  • Spread two or three inches of organic matter, well-rotted manure, leaf mold (composted leaves) or compost, over the bed.
  • Turn soil.
  • Cut existing grass at your mower’s lowest setting.