Quick Answer: How Do Farmers Prepare Soil For Planting?

Adding organic matter in the form of compost and aged manure, or using mulch or growing cover crops (green manures), is the best way to prepare soil for planting.

Adding chemical fertilizers will replenish only certain nutrients and do nothing for maintaining good, friable soil.

What are the steps of farming?

A farmer performs following eight major steps from crop selection to harvesting:

  • Crop Selection.
  • Land Preparation.
  • Seed Selection.
  • Seed Sowing.
  • Irrigation.
  • Crop Growth.
  • Fertilizing.
  • Harvesting.

What do farmers spray on fields before planting?

Many farmers choose to use chemicals to keep weeds and pests from destroying their crops and to add more nutrients to the soil. There are three different kinds of pesticides; herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

What kind of soil is best for growing plants?

There are three main types of soil: sand, silt, and clay. The best soil for most plants for optimum growth is a rich, sandy LOAM. Loam is an even mixture of the three main types of soil.